Pins & Blogs that Inspire Me!

Pins & blogs that inspire meSo one of the biggest reasons I wanted to start this blog was that I always find so many helpful and creative ideas on Pinterest. I love that I can search for the type of project I am looking for and I get all these wonderful Ideas! In this post I will be sharing a few of the Pins that have inspired me & ones that I have tackled and accomplished!

This pin was where I got the idea for our Gender Reveal cake.  If you haven’t seen my blog post about that party, you can find it here. This pin sent me to where I was able to browse a few different ideas for the party. It was a hit with everyone and was really easy to make! Just had to make a few different layers of cake, frost them, put them together, cut out a circle in the middle two layers. Fill it with the color of your choice, and top it with the last layer. Finish           frosting it with white frosting and voila!

When I was visiting my sister in Germany I was lucky enough to meet a friend of hers that was really crafty. She threw her daughter a Pinkalicious birthday party. For those of you who don’t know what Pinkalicious is, it is a book series by Victioria Kann, and it is well… PINK!  I was amazed at the party decorations and food she had prepared! And one of my favorite things that she made were these ‘Valentine Pretzel Buttons’. They were so delicious and cute I must have eaten about ate 10 of them! 

I had forgotten to ask her for the recipe and had soon forgotten about them until I was looking for a snack to make for a work party one day. Low and behold… I found this!

This is one of the easiest treats to make and g*rated gives you a great step by step!

With Fall right around the corner, who isn’t looking forward to all the lovely pumpkin & apple scents that are in the air? One of the most delicious pins I have ever tried is this Crock-Pot Baked Apples from This recipe will leave your house smelling amazing and tastes just like apple pie (without the crust). I can’t wait to get my crock pot out and make this recipe for our guests on Saturday night.

What is even better about this recipe is that each apple is only about 200 calories each! So you can indulge without the guilt!

With Autumn comes Halloween! One of my favorite holidays. This was a really fun project I found over at The McIllece Spot. It was really easy to do and only cost about $4.

This snake wreath is sure to scare your trick-or-treaters and looks so real! (I know, my mother who is afraid of snakes wouldn’t even knock on my door!)

 Unfortunately I couldn’t find the original blog post for this Pin but I had to share this. I made this for my husband for our first month anniversary (I know what you’re thinking… “first month, isn’t that a little early to know it’s love…” Well, when you know… you just.. know!)  I was able to print out 52 reasons and glue them each to a card and make a little book. He keeps it in his nightstand. Its a simple inexpensive gift that comes straight from the heart!

You can make many different versions of this for all the important people in your life.

  • 52 reasons why you’re the best
  • 52 reasons that you suck (for breakups?)
  • 52 things to do
  • 52 activities for rainy days

and so on… and so on…

One other blog that has inspired me is my friend and co-worker Jay’s. Over at Blissful Beauty Bird she talks about all the makeup and fashion that inspire her. She credited my blog in her latest post Makeup Geek Haul where she reviews the newest makeup she has  purchased. I must say she energizes me with this blog!  It is because of her that I brought this blog to fruition. Take a second and head over there to read her latest post! You won’t be disappointed!

Every so often I plan on blogging about the pins I can’t live without. But to keep up with what I’m pinning you can visit my two Pinterest pages:  CTru5 & The Crafty Bombshell. Keep in mind that the crafty bombshell pinterest is still new. But feel free to visit CTru5 and browse all the amazing pins I have collected over the years!

2 thoughts on “Pins & Blogs that Inspire Me!

  1. Jay says:

    Haha Cari, you’re the best! I love these pins especially the reasons on the cards! (I LOL’ed at the “reasons why you suck” suggestion, too funny.) I’m definitely going to have a nosey around your pinterest. You must pin all the best ones. Great post! (And thanks for the shout out 🙂 ) can’t wait to read more of your future posts!


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