Recapping 2019 & 2020

It has been a long time since I’ve met up with all of you here. My last blog post was January 1st, 2019. And a lot of events and changes have happened since then. I found out I was pregnant with my daughter in the middle of January 2019. We were so elated as we’d been trying for a few months for a second child. We announced it to everyone at our sons 4th birthday party, surrounded by all of our friends and family, his last “gift” to open was a t-shirt I made that said “getting promoted to big brother fall 2019”. It was such a wonderful moment shared.

The next big event that happened was I spent a weekend with my sister in ocean city Maryland for her birthday. It was our first sisters trip that we plan on taking every year.

We made it through the summer of 2019 and our sweet baby girl arrived at the end of September, just in time to ring in my favorite season, Fall.

The end of 2019 came with a big decision to change career paths & employers and I found a position as a bank teller fairly close to my home. The hours were a bit more but the pay was right and I truly believe it was a blessing.

The beginning of 2020 came and went and we were adjusting to our new normal of job schedules, one child in preschool, one staying at the grandparents when we were working and we were getting on top of life.

Then, Covid hit. I can say, we were fortunate enough that the pandemic didn’t really affect us financially like it has millions of others around the world. My husband and I both continued to go into work through the whole thing. We juggled childcare and work but not much else because the world just shut down. We grew close, but also lazy. we didn’t have to go anywhere or do anything so, we didn’t. I let my creating come to a halt. I didn’t seem to have the time to devote to Crafty Bombshell and I grew very distant from anything crafty.

Enter into 2021. I came back with a vengeance. I started researching new crafts to try, new techniques, and I fell in love with resin products. It started innocently with I couldn’t find a bookmark that screamed “ME”. So, I bought some supplies, and I made a few. The response I received from just posting those few back in January was overwhelming! I made more, you bought more. (Thank you!)

At the beginning of this year, I was accepted for a new position at the bank I work for. I was so ecstatic because it meant no more late Thursdays, no more Saturday hours, and more financial freedom for our family. With my new position, came a new desk in a brand new building. the kind of desk that you do not want to leave a water ring on and ruin it! I started looking up coasters, and again, couldn’t find the right one to sing to me. So, again, I made a few. You love them even more than the bookmarks!

Flash forward to March, I signed up for the new Franklin Plaza Market’s that happen every Thursday in my town. It feels amazing to get out in my community and see all the wonderful people again.

For the first time I am up in sales compared to buying supplies! I created an online store and I am constantly receiving custom orders.

I could not have gotten this far without you all. Thank you.

2021 is going to be our year!

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